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Drug possession: Potential defense strategies to consider

Drug charge convictions can impact a person for a long time, so many defendants choose to fight the charges they are facing. There are many different options that you have when you are trying to determine what defense strategy is appropriate for your case.

One of the primary considerations is that you need to remember in these cases is that you can only use defense components that represent what actually happened. Your defense must be based on the truth, as you are stating the components in court under oath.

When possession is the charge you are facing, you might be able to claim that the drugs belonged to someone else. This is only possible if the drugs were in a location where other people had access. While it might be appropriate to use this strategy if they were found inside of a table drawer in the living room during a house party, it probably wouldn't work if they were found in your purse in your bedroom.

Sometimes, people can base their defense on a violation of the Fourth Amendment. This is the case when the officers who seized or searched for the drugs didn't go through the required process. It won't work if you gave them permission to search or if the drugs were in plain sight, such as on the front seat of your vehicle and visible through a window.

Other defense strategies include asking the prosecution to produce the drugs that are at the center of the case, claiming that you were entrapped or noting that they were planted. While these might not be used as often, they are suitable in some cases, so be sure to evaluate all the possibilities before you decide on a specific strategy.

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