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Criminal and administrative penalties come after drunk driving

Being convicted of drunk driving sets a host of things in motion. Three of these can be particularly challenging. You might be incarcerated, have to pay fines and have your driver's license suspended. These are all problematic on their own, but together, they can create the perfect storm that ruins your life.

Being incarcerated means that you might lose your job. It also takes you away from your loved ones and puts you at a disadvantage when you need to re-enter society and find a job. Overcoming these obstacles can be very challenging.

The fines that come along with a conviction can also be difficult to manage. When you're incarcerated, there is a chance that you won't be able to afford to pay the fines. Coupled with a suspended license, it can be even harder because you might not be able to go to work.

A suspended license can cause more problems than just making it difficult to go to work. It can also make it harder to run errands and take care of life's necessities. There are also social impacts that can arise because you might not be able to go out and do things with your friends.

Learn about your options after you're arrested for drunk driving. You have to navigate the criminal justice system, but don't neglect the administrative process that is a component of this charge.

Addressing both of these facets together can help you with your quest to get the best outcome possible with your case. You might find that this enables you to move forward with your life.

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