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September 2019 Archives

Criminal charges don't automatically come with prison time

People who are facing nonviolent criminal charges in Arkansas might end up going through a program from the Arkansas Community Correction (ACC) program. This may provide them with an option that enables them to remain in the community instead of having to go to prison. In some cases, the person will receive services at a Community Corrections Center, which is a residential program.

Automatic stays provide some protection from creditors

People who are tired of checking the mail or answering the phone because of debt collection attempts might appreciate one of the immediate impacts of bankruptcy – the automatic stay. When you file for protection, the court issues an order that prevents creditors from trying to collect on your bills.

Some people can't afford to file bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often thought of as a way to get control of your debt. The trouble is that some people aren't able to take advantage of it because it is cost-prohibitive. The cost of filing is too much for some people, so they just try to handle the debts as best as they can. This can become a source of extreme stress for them because they are unable to do much about the extreme debt they are in.

How can you handle overwhelming medical debt?

Medical debt that has gone to collections can be frustrating. Did you know that around 80% of those who filed for bankruptcy due to medical debt actually had health insurance? It may not be surprising considering the high cost of deductibles, out-of-pocket co-payments and other expenses.

Bankruptcy can have mental health impacts

The process of filing for bankruptcy is difficult for many people. Not only do you have to deal with the lifestyle changes that you are going through, but your emotions are probably suffering greatly. You might feel as though you let people down. You might be worried about how others see you now. You may be concerned about your job and your home. All of this can weigh heavily on your mind.