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August 2019 Archives

Can a liquidation bankruptcy help?

When it comes to debt relief, one of the primary options is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy has many benefits for people who cannot afford to pay back what they owe. As a liquidation bankruptcy, it may require you to give up a portion of your assets for sale. However, there are exemptions, so that you don't have to start over from scratch -- and many people end up giving up nothing at all.

Understanding the penalties for drunk driving

Arkansas laws place harsh penalties on drunk driving offenses. This is due to the need to keep the state's roads safe. Police who are out on the roads make a concerted effort to find people who are driving under the influence. They will watch for signs, such as weaving in and out of lanes, and stop vehicles that appear to have an impaired driver. Once they conduct the stop, they have to determine whether the driver meets the legal standards for driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Christmas is coming but doesn't have to involve debt

Even though most people don't want to think about it, Christmas is right around the corner. Now is the time that you have to think about what you are going to do for loved ones on that holiday. Some people will go overboard and buy gifts that they really can't afford. This is because they just didn't plan and now feel the pressure of the coming gift-giving season.

Don't pay inaccurate medical bills

When you have to seek care in the hospital, you have a lot to think about. Not only do you have to miss work, you might know that you are going to start getting costly bills in the mail. There are a few things that you need to remember about these bills. One of these is that you must scrutinize them line by line so that you can ensure that you are only paying what you should. The second is that you need to come up with a strategy for handling them. A third is that you should only agree to payment terms if you are sure you can keep them.

Drug court can help people who are committed to the program

For some people who are facing drug charges, going through a full trial isn't desirable. Those who have charges involving possession without any extenuating circumstances might choose to pursue the possibility of drug court. This is a special criminal court that brings the punishments of the criminal justice system together with help to address addiction and some of the choices that come with it.

Eliminate medical debt for freer finances

Medical debt is a serious problem for many people, because it is quickly overwhelming even with insurance coverage. Deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance add up. On top of that, certain providers or people who worked with you during your treatment may be out-of-network providers, meaning that you have to pay even more for these services.