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July 2019 Archives

What can you do about high medical debts?

Medical debt is one of the most frustrating debts to overcome. It can total in the thousands or hundreds of thousands very quickly, depending on the severity of an illness or injury. Even with insurance, there is a possibility of having deductibles, copays and other expenses that add up.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy might not be preventable

The decision to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy isn't one that is made lightly by filers. It usually takes a lot of debt and the exhaustion of all other options before most people file. Often, there are other circumstances that play a part in the need to use this protection.

Sexual assault charges stem from many circumstances

Many people think of violent crimes as things like murder or beating someone up. What they might not realize is that some violent crimes are much more subtle in nature. Sexual assault can be one of these under the right circumstances. Because most adults interact with other people on a daily basis, they should all have an idea of constitutes sexual assault.