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November 2018 Archives

Don't take on unnecessary holiday debts you can't afford

This is a time of year when many people want to go out and purchase gifts for their loved ones. You might fall into the temptation of putting it all your credit card, but this can be dangerous if you aren't careful with how you handle those bills.

Violent family gatherings may lead to criminal charges

The holiday season brings families together, but these aren't always peaceful events. Sometimes, family gatherings can bring disagreements. It is imperative that you have a plan to keep the peace if you know you are going to be at an event with someone with whom you don't really see eye-to-eye. This might help you avoid facing criminal charges after a violent confrontation.

How are debts handled in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy means that you are going to repay some debts that are included in the case. Within 14 days of filing the petition, you have to file a repayment plan. This outlines how much you are going to pay and how often. These payments, which are typically bi-weekly or monthly, coincide with your pay and are made to the trustee.

Personal bankruptcy might be the answer to your debts

The need to survive in this economy is a problem for many people simply because the cost of living is so high and the wages many companies pay are low. This causes some individuals to use credit to bridge the gap from one payday to the next.

The consequences of an accident while driving drunk

Some individuals who drive after drinking will cause an accident, and that can bring up some serious charges. Additional criminal charges beyond the basic drunk driving charges are common if there is an injury or death associated with an accident caused by a drunk driver.