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September 2018 Archives

Two dead, teen accused of double homicide

Violent crimes can happen unexpectedly, even for those committing them. Some may strike out at someone as a way of defending themselves, while others may accidentally shoot someone or cause them harm during a burglary. It's worth hearing out the person responsible for injuries or deaths to determine if they were intentional and what provoked the violent act.

Medical debts often put consumers in a difficult financial spot

Medical bills are sometimes unavoidable. With the cost of medical care steadily rising and insurance companies including many procedures, conditions and medications on the list of things they won't cover, consumers sometimes find that things like a heart attack or an accident lead to an influx of overwhelming medical costs.

Know what options you have when you face a DUI

Driving after drinking is a mistake. You might not have realized just how much the alcohol affected you when you got behind the wheel. The police officers who are patrolling the area might see some small signs that something is wrong and decide to pull you over. This is the start of a rough road for you.

How can you avoid drowning in debt?

Credit-card debt isn't a new problem in America, and if you're in your 30s, then you're probably like many older millennials and have your own to deal with. In this group, many people struggle with student loans, and some have taken on credit-card debt while trying to find a place to live, a job and a stable income.

Get the fresh financial start you deserve

Filing for personal bankruptcy can help you regain your financial footing after you've had monetary setbacks that are too much to overcome any other way. These might come from situations that you can't control, such as having to get emergency medical care. When these bills start to mount up, you have to look at what is going on with the rest of your money so you can decide what to do.

Planning a violent crime charge defense is a complex undertaking

A violent crime puts other people in danger, which is one of the factors that makes these cases so difficult for people to hear about. What some people don't realize is that there might be elements in the case that aren't being released that could make a difference in how the matter is handled. We know that it is frightening to have to face these charges. We are here to help you learn what you might do about them.