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March 2018 Archives

Credit debt could increase with new rate hikes in 2018

Credit-card debt is a growing concern in America. Thanks to the growth and stability of the economy at this time, people have felt comfortable taking on debts they may not have in the past. There's a risk to taking on debt, though. One of those risks is facing hikes in your interest rates, costing you more money than you initially planned for.

Drunk driving is illegal in Arkansas

Drunk driving isn't tolerated in Arkansas. It doesn't matter what's going on in town or where you are headed, you shouldn't get behind the wheel if you have been consuming alcohol. The penalties for impaired driving are serious here, so make sure you take this into consideration before you make the decision to drive after having a few drinks.

Know your options for handling outrageous medical bills

Let's face it -- medical care in this country often comes with an astronomical cost. Even people who have good health insurance might get crippling bills after seeking care. For people who don't have insurance, the cost is even more staggering. In all of these cases, you should learn about what options you have for taking care of the bills.

Can you negotiate medical bills?

Medical debt is one type of debt that can instantly be overwhelming. Whether it's a single blood test or a major surgery, the costs have a potential to be high. When surgeries can cost thousands of dollars and blood tests range in the hundreds, it's no wonder that a single visit to a hospital emergency room puts so many people in debt.

Drug possession defenses sometimes follow a common theme

Facing drug charges requires you to think about the type of defense you are going to use. This isn't always an easy decision to make because there are a lot of variables. One of the things that you need to think about is what type of charge you are facing.

Bankruptcy is a serious decision that must be taken seriously

Contrary to popular belief, filing for bankruptcy isn't an easy way to get out of debt. Instead, it is often an agonizing decision that is made only after all of the other options have been exhausted. For people who are facing the possibility of needing to file for this financial protection, there is usually a back and forth about whether to actually file or not.

The history of credit cards: How credit snuck into American lives

As someone struggling with debt, you know that you need to find a way out. You've considered filing for bankruptcy, but you're not sure if it's the right option for you. Before you make a decision, take some time to learn more about credit cards.