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February 2018 Archives

Drug paraphernalia charges are possible without any drugs

Many different types of drug charges exist, but there are some of them that aren't thought of often. One of these is drug paraphernalia charges. A person can face this charge even if there aren't any drugs found in his or her possession.

Crushing credit card debt might require you to file bankruptcy

Crushing credit card debt can keep you up at night and force you to skip out on doing certain activities. For some people, the issues with credit card debt creep up slowly. Charging purchases seems like a good option at the time but then you get the bill in and realize that you bit off more than you can chew. In other cases, a sudden problem, such as the loss of a job, causes you to be unable to make the payments.

Know the strategies used to collect medical debts

When you have to seek medical care, you might not automatically think about the financial aspects of getting that help. When the bills start rolling in, you might find that the amount you have to pay is overwhelming. If you are unable to pay it all right away, you might soon be confronted by medical debt collectors.

Don't try to run from a drunk driving charge

Many people will head out to parties this weekend. Many of these parties will have adult beverages offered. If you plan to partake in spirits or beer, make sure that you have a way to get home afterwards. If you don't have plans or if your ride didn't work out as intended, you might decide that you need to drive yourself home. This shouldn't happen at all, but if it does you need to make sure that there isn't any other option for you to get home.