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December 2016 Archives

Credit card debt might pile up and lead to bankruptcy

If you are swimming in credit card debt, you might feel like you don't have a way out. This is a difficult situation, especially if you simply can't cover your normal expenses and the minimum payments required on the credit cards. We know that you might have simply become overwhelmed because of circumstances that you can't control. You might have lost your job while you were trying to pay off Christmas expenses. This is a devastating turn of events, but the good news is that you might have an option. 

Violent crime charges mustn't be ignored

Assault and other violent crimes can be very difficult to defend yourself against. These crimes often have evidence that can be complex. In a previous blog post, we discussed the case of the man who was recently convicted of murdering his own child. That is only one example of the types of actions that can fall under the violent crimes category.

How can you reduce credit card debt after the holidays?

The holidays tend to be a time when people spend a lot of money, and that can accumulate significant credit card debt. While many can pay those debts back over time, doing so costs more when interest is at play. Sometimes, problems come up, like having hours cut at work or losing a job, which can make it hard to pay them down at all. Here are a few tips for reducing credit card debt, so you can get back on track financially.