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November 2016 Archives

Benton County man found guilty of son's murder

A Benton County man was found guilty of murdering his 6-year-old son in November 2015. Many people, including five of the man's other children and step-children, believe this was justice well-served. The death of the 6-year-old stemmed from brutal acts of sodomy including a stick, which eventually led to sepsis from internal injuries. The man's wife is scheduled also for a future trial facing capital murder charges.

Managing medical debt starts with knowing your insurance coverage

There are a few ways to manage or avoid falling into medical debt. As a patient, knowing that your medical expenses could be thousands of dollars is stress you don't need. Many people in America struggle with medical debts; it's important for you to know some options that are open to you if you're in that group.

Learn how bankruptcy can help you reclaim your finances

Filing for bankruptcy isn't an easy decision for many people. You probably want to fulfill your financial obligations, but you just can't see a way to make that happen. For people in your shoes, bankruptcy is an option that often isn't explored until every other possible avenue for taking care of the bills has been tried.

Top reasons for major credit card debt

It's certainly possible to use credit cards without having any real debt at all. As long as you only spend as much as you earn -- or less -- every month, then you can pay it off at the end of the month. Most cards don't have any fees if you do this, so it's not that much different than using a debit card or the cash you have on hand. You're just running everything through the card first, perhaps because of the rewards points.

Bankruptcy filers must raise legal fees prior to starting a case

The legal fee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case. Fees have risen steadily since the 2005 overhaul of the bankruptcy laws, which impacted Arkansas and the entire country. Those laws increased considerably the amount of labor that the attorneys and their staffs had to put into a bankruptcy case.

How are cocaine convictions handled in Arkansas?

When you are accused of having cocaine in your possession in Arkansas, you may be facing some very serious charges. In fact, having even small amounts of cocaine in your possession is a felony in this state. Anyone who is facing cocaine charges should find out exactly what options they have, and they need to take the serious penalties of these charges into account when considering the options.