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October 2016 Archives

11 arrested for drug crimes in alleged sales of methamphetamine

Federal authorities in Arkansas recently arrested 11 of 13 defendants allegedly involved in a large-scale drug trafficking organization in Blytheville. The arrests, made on Oct. 18, all dealt with drug crimes such as the delivery of drugs or conspiring to deliver drugs. The charges pertained specifically to selling methamphetamine and various weapons possessions.

High debts, scarce income may point to bankruptcy remedy

How can an individual or married couple best determine if bankruptcy is the right solution to deal with an unmanageable debt load? Frankly, the very best way is to make an appointment to discuss the facts with an experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney.  For those here in Arkansas or those located elsewhere who cannot do that immediately, there are a few things to look at.

Man held on violent crimes alleged at Walmart Supercenter

In Arkansas and all jurisdictions, criminal defense attorneys know that they must work very hard to give the best and most vigorous defense to their clients. In particular, the attorney must research the case thoroughly, and he or she must become intimately familiar with all of the potential ins and outs that may come up in violent crimes cases. The best outcomes in such matters are often enjoyed by those defendants fortunate enough to find an experienced criminal defense attorney who can deftly maneuver the procedural protocols with the greatest of ease.

Spike in credit card debt veers near pre-recession levels

A consumer finance web site has reported that consumers in Arkansas and nationwide racked up an impressive $33.4 billion ticket in total credit card debt in the second quarter of 2016. The rapid pace of credit card debt accumulation puts the consumer population on a pace to achieve a record of $1 trillion of such debt by year's end. The situation is becoming reminiscent of the 2008 financial crisis that capped a kind of national frenzy of consumer spending and borrowing, rather than saving.

Consider bankruptcy when debt relief needs are substantial

Even after the slow march back from a devastating recession, the average American is again using credit like there is no tomorrow. In some cases, the economic tomorrow is beginning to look bleak already. Sadly, it is not just excessive credit card spending that is triggering the sight of an impending crisis and a burgeoning need for debt relief both in Arkansas and throughout the nation.