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August 2016 Archives

Health care system can lead to unmanageable medical debt

The medical bill debt crisis faced by many Americans is a growing problem with no relief in sight, including here in Arkansas. Consumer bankruptcy filers often cite medical debt as their primary problem. There are generally two types of patients having trouble with medical debt: those who are insured and those who are uninsured.

Bankruptcy filings are higher in some states, including Arkansas

Although bankruptcy filings were at a low percentage of the population last year, the signs of heavy credit card use, increasing medical bills and rising prices portend an increase next year. Interestingly, it is also true that bankruptcy filings in certain states and geographical locations were substantially higher than the national average. According to surveys by the American Bankruptcy Institute and Nerd Wallet, six of the 10 states with considerably higher numbers of filed bankruptcies are in the south, with Arkansas having the ninth highest number of new filings for 2015.               

Trial begins in manslaughter case against judge in baby???s death

Picking a jury in a controversial criminal case in Arkansas or elsewhere can be a frustrating exercise. It is also a critical stage where the verdict may be cast in cement before the actual trial even begins. Arkansas and other states try to assure the elimination of biased jurors, but the great danger of the system is that sometimes the wrong person fools both sides and gets a seat in order to follow a personal agenda. Clearly, the drama and the importance of jury selection increases when the charges involve an alleged homicide, such as involuntary manslaughter.

Debt management plan can be inferior to filing bankruptcy

Nonprofit consumer credit counselors play a useful part in the debt relief industry in Arkansas and nationwide. They are generally honest players in a sector that includes fraud, deception and greedy scams meant to benefit a so-called debt relief company and not the consumer debtor. Despite their usefulness, the law does not yet require consumer credit counselors to advise clients on the comparative benefits of filing a bankruptcy. That is a serious deficiency because often the best option for people in serious, overwhelming debt is to erase the debt right away in bankruptcy and move on without lingering in debt for many more years.

Bankruptcy myths are easily refuted by basic research

There are many fallacies about bankruptcy that keep the public in Arkansas and elsewhere confused about the impact and value of this consumer remedy. The best way to debunk those false stories and urban legends is to consult with an experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney. That is the best way to learn authoritatively about one's options and available remedies under the circumstances. That being said, a few of the major misconceptions are discussed below.

Man held on capital murder charge involving wife's death

When a person is arrested in Arkansas on a homicide charge, it is vital for the suspect to speak with defense counsel as quickly as possible. Statements should not be given to the police or other persons until legal counsel is present to assure the individual of his or her rights. A man was arrested in White County recently on a suspicion of capital murder charge in connection with his wife's death.

Severe unsecured debt load may incur need for bankruptcy relief

Most Americans, including Arkansas residents, strive to have sufficient resources to live comfortably while maintaining a healthy savings cushion that will cover unexpected financial emergencies. However, the Federal Reserve reports that nearly half of American households do not have enough savings to cover even a modest expense of $400 that could unexpectedly arise. This is partly due to a current economy marked by rising prices alongside stagnant earnings. For some consumers, bankruptcy may be the best way to eliminate the crisis and begin again with a fresh start.