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April 2016 Archives

Search for guns and drug crimes nets little contraband

When a search warrant is issued for a private home, defense counsel must examine the warrant and the surrounding circumstances to determine whether there were deficiencies in the process. Fourth Amendment principles in Arkansas and all other states require that a search warrant be issued only upon probable cause, and that it must particularly describe the place and the subject matter being searched.  In most cases, when a search warrant or the search itself is determined to be deficient, the suppression of the evidence with respect to alleged drug crimes or gun charges will result in dismissal of the charged crimes.

Bankruptcy may be the best way to handle payday loan debt

Many hard-working American families find themselves in a repetitive cycle of overwhelming debt that has spiraled out of control. This is related in part to a poor job market, low hourly wages, health care insurance that refuses to pay for essential services and consumer over-use of credit cards to purchase inflation-ridden consumer necessities. One industry that has taken advantage of the struggles of these families is the predatory payday loan industry. The companies have in effect forced many consumers in Arkansas and throughout the country into filing bankruptcy to eliminate harassing debt collections from the companies and their assignees.

Bankruptcy gives powerful remedies for those who qualify

There are two major options that consumer debtors in Arkansas and other jurisdictions can select between when contemplating a bankruptcy filing. They are Chapter 7, the liquidation or 'straight bankruptcy' section, and Chapter 13, the reorganization section. Chapter 7 involves discharging unsecured debt and going forward with a fresh start and a clean slate. That means that all credit card debt, medical bills and unsecured personal loans can be wiped out in a Chapter 7 pursuant to the provisions of the federal bankruptcy laws.

Bankruptcy can help to preserve a qualified retirement plan

It is becoming clear that there is a crisis nationwide and in Arkansas among many persons who are moving into the retirement stage of life without having prepared a sufficient retirement fund and a retirement financial plan. Additionally, it is harder to set up an adequate plan the older one gets because, of course, there is less time available to do it. Further, for those who need debt relief, it may be better to keep a retirement fund financed and eliminate the bills through a debt relief remedy such as bankruptcy.

Law enforcement officer facing drunk driving charge

A deputy in Saline County was recently arrested for drunk driving after he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The man was arrested after he crashed a vehicle from the sheriff's office into a tree. Charged with drunk driving, specifically driving while intoxicated (DWI), the Arkansas man is now suspended from work.

Drug trafficking charges brought by feds in meth conspiracy bust

A federal investigation led to the arrest of five persons recently on drug trafficking charges of conspiring to distribute large quantities of methamphetamine, according to federal law enforcement officers. The Drug Enforcement Administration officers allege that 60 pounds of methamphetamine were seized from the individuals who were arrested in Arkansas. Although it is unclear, it does not appear that the defendants were caught in the process of actual drug trafficking to third persons.