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February 2016 Archives

College student faces felony drug charge over chemistry lab

Authorities recently arrested a chemistry student at an Arkansas college for allegedly manufacturing a controlled substance and a variety of other drug crimes. Public safety officers with Hendrix College were reportedly carrying out routine inspections of college-owned apartments when they discovered an alleged drug lab in the suspect's apartment. Samples of the substances found at the scene turned out to be LSD, DMT and AMT, which are psychedelic drugs. The manufacturing charge is a felony drug charge.

Sweep nets 7 arrests for alleged drug crimes, 13 still at-large

Authorities on both the state and federal level, including here in Arkansas, are fond of conducting broad drug sweeps that show a crackdown on a large number of drug offenders. Often, however, those arrested are street junkies and drug addicts rather than those at the very top of the distribution chain. In addition, arrests of a large number of people on alleged drug crimes often leads to improper arrests that are not accurately documented or supported by sufficient evidence.

Debt management company files bankruptcy after investigations

When a debt management company promises help that sounds miraculous and asks for a substantial fund upfront prior to doing anything, the interested person should see a red flag. It would be wise to first research the company and check its rating with the business bureaus. For example, at this time no entity in Arkansas or elsewhere can eliminate student loan debt or make it go away, except in very limited circumstances within a bankruptcy filing upon proof of undue hardship.

Driver faces felony drug charge on 253 lb. marijuana bust

A real estate agent from another state was arrested in Arkansas recently when state troopers found 253 pounds of potent marijuana in the truck she was driving. The incident illustrates once again some of the issues that come up when a routine traffic stop leads to a felony drug charge. The first question that the accused woman's criminal defense attorney will face is whether the traffic stop itself was justified.

The U.S. Constitution allows Congress to make bankruptcy laws

In Arkansas and all other states, a consumer bankruptcy is one in which an individual or a married couple file to eliminate and/or reaffirm specified bills that are mainly considered to be consumer debts. This can include personal credit cards, personal loans, car loans, mortgages and medical debt. The debts owed by a business entity are considered business debts and are primarily dealt with in a business bankruptcy.