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November 2015 Archives

Bankruptcy provides superior legal protection to eliminate debts

Credit cards, medical bills and financial difficulties after divorce are three major ways in which consumers become overextended with personal debt. With the average family carrying $16,000 in credit card debt, many people in Arkansas and elsewhere may be attracted to the lure of debt consolidation or debt settlement companies. These companies promise to eliminate debts and get the debtors back on their feet financially.

Medical debt drains finances of many insured consumers

In Arkansas and throughout the country, hospitals are engaging in a scorched-earth policy of billing patients enormous amounts for tests and medical procedures. When the bills are submitted for payment to the health insurance carrier, the insurers are consistently rejecting a large number of them. The reasons for this burgeoning unpaid medical debt may be partially due to the large deductibles contained in many policies. In other instances, insurers are denying coverage by challenging the wording of coverage clauses and through other procedural technicalities that are generally unfair to defenseless policyholders.

Retired persons may use bankruptcy to retain their home

In Arkansas and elsewhere, there is often concern over the heavy debt situation that some elderly couples are confronting. Sometimes, elderly individuals or couples can be in financial hot water due to going overboard in helping their children. When a couple's income recedes after retirement, they may seek various debt relief solutions, including bankruptcy, in order to survive financially and retain their independence.

Police charge teacher with sexual assault involving two students

Arkansas, like all other states, has its share of arrests of teachers for sexual assault and sexual relations with their minor students. It may be that these kinds of incidents occur as often in the past, but in present times information clearly travels faster and wider than ever before. The latest arrest involves a teacher and coach for sexual assault and rape. The 36-year-old male is accused of having sex with two different victims during the 2013 and 2014 school years.

Bankruptcy filing is a good option in certain circumstances

Undoubtedly, one's credit rating will be hurt by a bankruptcy filing, whether in Arkansas or anywhere else. Most people, however, are already at the bottom of the line regarding credit scores. Where a large amount of unsecured debt is discharged in a bankruptcy, there is usually a rapid re-vetting of one's credit position by the credit bureaus and others. In some cases, an improved credit rating will come within a year or two after the bankruptcy discharge, mainly because the debtor owes no unsecured debt, and are paying only perhaps on their car and house loans.

High school business teacher charged with student sexual assault

An Arkansas high school teacher has been arrested and charged with a sex offense. The Bentonville police arrested the 62-year-old male business and computer science teacher for second degree sexual assault after a student accused him of touching the student's crotch area. Police have not revealed the age or gender of the complainant.