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October 2015 Archives

Wealthy female faces aggravated assault charges for pointing gun

In Arkansas, aggravated assault is a Class D felony. If a person, while expressing extreme indifference to the value of human life, creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person, the person is guilty of aggravated assault. The criminal statute includes pointing a firearm at someone in a way that creates a danger of death or serious physical injury.

Bankruptcy eliminates unsecured debt quickly and permanently

For those who attempt to resolve their debt problems by consulting a debt negotiation company, there are special precautions to take and issues to consider prior to committing to that debt relief alternative. The most important guideline is to find a reputable, established company that follows the consumer-friendly debt negotiation rules adopted by the Federal Trade Commission. At the same time, an individual or couple residing in Arkansas will be well-served by also evaluating their debt situation very carefully to determine whether a bankruptcy authorized by federal law will be the better and more effective way of obtaining maximum debt relief.

Bankruptcy provides superior results over debt relief firms

A debt relief company promises to contact a person's creditors and work out a plan, often for pennies on the dollar, to pay off all debt in a matter of a few short years. Unfortunately, many people throughout the country, including in Arkansas, will choose this generally unworkable and sometimes fraudulent format as opposed to taking advantage of the safe and proven bankruptcy alternative that is provided by federal law. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission obtained a $7.9 settlement from a debt relief company that the agency accused of scamming clients with false promises.

2 youths charged with terroristic threats in separate incidents

Any rational and informed person should know by now that joking about shooting or threatening students at educational institutions is no joke. Rather, it is likely to be tried as a brutally serious offense in light of the many deadly school shootings occurring in the past several years. That fact makes it even more shocking to see two young people in Arkansas being caught up in a net of alleged terroristic threats against their respective schools and fellow students.

Some debtors can get a student loan discharge in bankruptcy

There is a popular fallacy regarding the possibility of discharging a student loan in bankruptcy. It is generally thought that it is impossible or nearly impossible to discharge student debt. However, an academic research study published in the American Bankruptcy Law Journal in 2012 found that, in reality, nearly 40 percent of those who try to discharge student loans actually succeed. In Arkansas and nationwide, it may be the right time for those with oppressive student loan debt to consult a seasoned consumer bankruptcy attorney in order to evaluate their prospects for discharge of that debt.

Execution of search warrant leads to felony drug charge

Being accused of drug crimes in Arkansas can have dire consequences. Regardless of whether an individual is facing a misdemeanor or felony drug charge, a conviction can have a mortifying impact on his or her life. Two residents of Yellville are likely considering their options related to protecting their legal rights after they were recently arrested and charged with drug crimes.

Does woman's selfie mean that her boyfriend is guilty of murder?

Many people have posted selfies and other pictures on social media that they wish they had not put out there for their friends, let alone anyone else, to see. Unflattering social media pictures can cost people their jobs and their marriages, among other things. However, police in Arkansas discovered the selfie of a murder victim, and they claim the photo points to her boyfriend as the person who killed her.

Is credit card debt threatening your retirement?

As Arkansas people approach retirement, some may be concerned about their current financial situation. It has been reported that credit card debt nationwide is escalating toward the high levels that were recorded in 2008. To ensure you do not go into retirement with loads of credit card debt, you can take some precautionary steps.