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September 2015 Archives

After bankruptcy, using debit card for family budget makes sense

Most consumers likely have a pinch of doubt over whether to use a credit card or a debit card. A credit card will increase one's credit score, as long as the full bill is paid timely or early each month. For that reason, Arkansas citizens who wish to maintain existing credit or to improve a declining credit record will generally want to have one or two credit cards for reporting purposes. Alternatively, one may be entering or just completing a bankruptcy, with a strong interest in credit rebuilding, thus mandating the use of one or two credit cards for similar reasons.

21-year-old Arkansas man on bond after accused of drug crimes

Drug crimes are taken seriously nationwide, and manufacturing, possessing, selling and trafficking of controlled substances can have devastating consequences. Arkansas narcotics officers and police recently manned a traffic stop in the prevention of drug crimes. Detectives noticed a driver operating a vehicle without being restrained. When they followed the vehicle, the driver allegedly increased his speed and made numerous evasive turns before ultimately stopping in a driveway.

Some online borrowers turn to bankruptcy for effective relief

There is a new kind of loan that is being offered online to people nationwide, including here in Arkansas. The online loan business is gearing up quickly, offering certain advantages, such as quick approval times, lower interest rates and straightforward terms. However, some borrowers have overextended themselves by taking out too many online loans, thereby creating a situation where they are in too deep without a viable remedy. When that happens, many borrowers are learning how effective the bankruptcy remedy is for eliminating unsecured debt.

Feds arrest doctor, 18 others for prescription drugs conspiracy

Federal authorities in Arkansas continued a crack-down on prescription abuse recently by arresting a Little Rock doctor and 18 others for conspiracy to distribute oxycodone. Since Jan. 2014, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas has received the filing of six  federal indictments charging 113 people, including five doctors, of illegal misuse of prescription drugs. The recent indictment accused a 49-year-old doctor of writing prescriptions for oxycodone and selling them for $500 each.

Bankruptcy judge rejects motion for surrender of debtor's home

Generally, when a filer in Arkansas or elsewhere designates in the bankruptcy petition that the residential real estate will be surrendered, it's an indication that no fight will be put up when the mortgage holder brings a foreclosure action. In some cases, in fact, the  foreclosure has already occurred prior to the filing of the bankruptcy and the bank has already taken possession. However, where the filer has defaulted on the loan and does not agree to surrender the property in the bankruptcy papers, what are the rights of the respective parties?