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July 2015 Archives

22-year-old woman held in alleged attempted murder of boyfriend

Violent crimes between domestic partners are a common problem that in the criminal justice system. In some cases, the physical injury inflicted rises to a level serious enough to require a substantial prison sentence. In one Arkansas case out of Shelby County, a 22-year-old woman may be facing a homicide charge after pumping five bullets into the back of her ex-boyfriend. The victim is reported to be in stable but serious condition at the Regional One medical facility. If he survives, she may be charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and possible related charges.

Banks are being pressed to report debts erased in bankruptcy

So-called zombie debt is a problem created by unscrupulous banks and debt collection companies, both in Arkansas and around the country. Despite the fact that a debtor may have paid off a debt, or that is has been discharged in bankruptcy or settled by a compromise payment, the original lender nonetheless packages the debt with hundreds or thousands of other closed accounts and sells the packages to debt collectors. The consumer must be vigilant enough to check his or her credit record regularly to make sure that the entry is challenged and removed.

New rules issued for student loan discharge in bankruptcy

On July 7, the U.S. Department of Education issued a letter of guidance on its future policy toward the discharge of student loans in bankruptcy. Due to the massive build-up of defaulted student loans in Arkansas and nationwide, the Obama administration asked the Department to evaluate the possibility of discharging some student loans in bankruptcy as one solution. As a result, the new policy will recognize some expanded situations in which either part or all of a loan may be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Can personal bankruptcy help avoid IRS tax liens?

Homeowners in Arkansas who are experiencing difficult financial times may be concerned about their inability to meet their financial obligations. In addition to credit card debts, they may struggle to pay medical debts, mortgages, and unpaid taxes. When consumers feel that their financial situations have become unmanageable, it may be a suitable time to consider personal bankruptcy. Taking charge of the situation in a timely manner may work to prevent federal tax liens placed against their properties.

Beware of scammers offering to resolve credit card debt issues

It is not uncommon for Arkansas consumers who are overwhelmed by credit card debt to fall prey to businesses that promise to resolve their debt issues. Unfortunately, the desperation to get out of the spiral of unmanageable credit card debt makes some people blind to the fact that if an offer sounds unbelievably good, it is probably a scam. A federal court has recently halted an operation run by scammers who offered debt relief nationwide.

Prosecution drops murder charges due to death of key witness

There is no statute of limitations on murder in Arkansas or any other state. That is why the authorities may continue to investigate an unsolved murder for decades. The odds for a conviction, however, are reduced as time passes with no arrest or prosecution. This is due to loss of evidence, loss of witnesses and other reasons related to the passage of time.