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June 2015 Archives

Basic consumer protection may resolve medical debt issues

Some Arkansas consumers may not be aware of the basic consumer protections to which they are entitled. After an extensive study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal crackdown was launched that revealed several dubious procedures by medical debt collectors. A settlement was subsequently reached with Syndicated Office Systems, one of the biggest debt collection agencies in the country. As a result of its illegal practices, the company will now pay 23,000 consumers a total amount of $5.4 million.

We understand defense is necessary for first-time DWI charges

Under the impression that a first-time DWI charge is no big deal? Unfortunately, the reality is far different in Arkansas. Even if it is only your first drunk driving offense, the possibility of spending time behind bars is very real. Instead of treating a DWI charge as a minor annoyance, consider addressing the issue with dedicated and experienced counsel.

Former Lt. Gov. and wife file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief

The former Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, Mark Darr and his wife, Kimberly, have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy for wage earners with regular income who want to pay part or all of their outstanding bills pursuant to a three to five-year payment plan. This type of bankruptcy is used mostly by consumers to try and keep their homes by getting their defaulted mortgages back up to date.

Police charge man with murder in shooting death of girlfriend

In Arkansas as in other states, the charge of first-degree murder is the highest degree of homicide. It includes the aspect of deliberate planning, lying in wait or other elements of intentional and knowing homicide. The prosecution must prove that the accused acted with intentional and deliberate intent, sometimes called malice aforethought, to commit murder.

Bankruptcy gives critical relief to many who face daunting debt

There are many good reasons for an individual or married couple residing in Arkansas to file a personal bankruptcy. According to bankruptcy attorneys, most people who file owe substantial amounts in medical bills that they will never be able to pay. Another major reason is where an individual is laid off and the family budget is put into a crisis mode. Sometimes, people will turn to credit cards to get through what they optimistically hope will be a temporary money crunch.

ASU player faces criminal battery charges after hitting officer

In Arkansas battery of a law enforcement officer is a felony. The crime involves  knowingly and without legal justification causing physical injury to a person that he or she knows to be a law enforcement officer. An Arkansas State University student was recently charged with that kind of battery and related crimes after reportedly punching a police officer in the throat.