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February 2015 Archives

Woman's arrest leads to domestic violence charge on boyfriend

After two women were arrested in Arkansas on Thursday, Feb. 19 while walking in an allegedly intoxicated condition on the roadway in front of traffic, one of them got the bonus of having police arrest a man who was allegedly involved in an assault on her earlier in the day. The police got enough facts in interviewing the female violator to find out that she had been a victim of domestic violence. They arrested the 23-year-old man for domestic battery.

Arkansas enforcement yields several arrests for drug crimes

Drug activity in the Arkansas County of Crawford has reportedly been a concern of the mayor of Mulberry for some time. Following meetings with authorities such as state and local police and the County Prosecutor, a plan was devised to take action against alleged drug crimes involving supposed dealers and users in the area. The enforcement team also included the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and a K9 unit.

Celebrities may file bankruptcy in hard financial times

Bankruptcy has been used by many well-known entrepreneurs and celebrities over the years, including some from Arkansas. The fact is that even the rich and famous may be vulnerable to falling into bad economic times or making hugely unwise business decisions or investments. Bankruptcy law is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of personal and business financial crises.

Arrests for drug crimes during traffic stop raises concerns

When off-duty officers make arrests it may be indicative of an overzealous attitude on their part. Of course, in some instances it is necessary for officers to act to protect the public whether they are on duty or not. In a recent Arkansas arrest, there are not enough facts yet available to determine whether a drug crimes bust on Arkansas 80 in Waldron was an act of excessive authority or one of reasonable law enforcement protocol.

Feds charge man with illegal distribution of prescription drugs

One of the most critical drug problems that authorities struggle with in Arkansas and elsewhere involves the distribution of highly addictive narcotic pills, such as Hydrocodone. These are prescription drugs that may be prescribed by a doctor for severe pain. Sometimes, however, those who start taking the pills innocently for pain become hopelessly addicted to the powerful narcotic.  

Medical debt is usually wiped out in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Some observers believe that medical debt is the biggest cause of bankruptcy filing in the country and in Arkansas. According to one national agency, there are some 43 million persons with unpaid medical debt on their credit reports. The probable reason that many with burdensome medical debt file bankruptcy is that it is fairly easy to discharge unsecured debt in a liquidation proceeding under Chapter 7.