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January 2015 Archives

Discrimination against bankruptcy peitioners is prohibited

It is a little known fact that a federal law, which is applicable in Arkansas, forbids discrimination against someone who has a completed bankruptcy on his or her record. The protection applies to job applications, requests for student loan benefits or other applications for public or private benefits made by an individual with a bankruptcy discharge. However, the federal law provides more protection against discrimination when seeking assistance from government agencies than it does when pursuing private assistance.

Teen charged with aggravated assault against mail carrier

When a neighborhood experiences random gun shots being fired into the air on a regular basis, law enforcement authorities will likely feel it necessary to investigate. Little Rock police dealt with this problem in a neighborhood surrounding the intersection of 27th and Adams on Jan. 13, when they received a complaint from the local mail carrier that she had guns pointed and fired at her. Police apprehended and arrested a 16-year-old Arkansas male for aggravated assault.

Many factors weigh in the outcome of a domestic violence case

Police were called to an apartment complex in Arkansas by neighbors suspecting that a woman was being beaten in her apartment. Police eventually had to force their way inside, where they say that they found a battered female victim and arrested her boyfriend. Just another domestic violence incident that police were able to cut off prior to the possibility of deadly consequences.

There are 2 general types of bankruptcy for consumers

Despite the dark predictions that are often put out there regarding bankruptcy as an option to cleaning up a drastic debt situation, the truth is that the positives often outweigh the negatives when a frank evaluation is made. The purpose of the federal statute is to allow qualified persons in Arkansas and elsewhere to either eliminate or reorganize their debt, and then move on to a new start free from prior unmanageable burdens. There are essentially two kinds of bankruptcy, liquidation and reorganization.

High medical deductibles create underinsured workers nationwide

There is continuing national crisis regarding the direction  and handling of medical bill debt, according to an extensive expose in USA Today. With more than half of the insured people in Arkansas and in the rest of the country being covered by insurance plans through their employers, many workers are coming more and more to experience the ravages of underinsured coverage. Instead of finding ways to buy plans with lower deductibles, employers have almost exclusively chosen group plans that emphasize higher and higher deductibles, which makes the premiums more palatable to employers.

Overwhelming holiday credit card debt may cause sleepless nights

Some Arkansas consumers may have joined millions of others in spending more than they intended to over the holidays. Unfortunately, spending may lead to more debts and more bills. January is typically the month when consumers start strategizing on how to pay their credit card debt. Out of desperation, some consumers resort to digging into their emergency funds or life insurance to pay credit card debt.

4 accused of possession and selling controlled substances

Arkansas residents who have been arrested for possession of controlled substances such as methamphetamines, heroin, marijuana or cocaine may face potentially high fines and even some years in jail. Both possession and the intention of selling controlled substances could end up in a conviction that will have lasting consequences on an individual's life. However, any person who is accused of such offenses has the right to obtain representation to protect his or her legal rights.