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December 2014 Archives

Feds arrest 8 men for alleged large scale drug trafficking

The federal system of criminal justice is heavily involved in the so-called war against drugs. Federal drug crimes are widely enforced by federal officials in Arkansas and elsewhere to purportedly take in some of the more serious interstate drug activities, and generally to focus on the larger drug trafficking operations. It doesn't always work that way, and sometimes federal arrests deal with alleged illegal activities that would normally be state offenses.

Holiday checkpoints gearing up in Arkansas for DWI arrests

Arrests for drunk driving are up in Arkansas from 2013 to 2014. The Arkansas State Police made 5,563 arrests for DWI in 2014, as compared to the 4,343 arrests made in 2013. The figures may or may not divulge a trend. It could be that in certain counties law enforcement authorities stepped up their enforcement activities, and thereby increased the statewide figures over the prior year.

Debt relief through bankruptcy gives consumers a fresh start

There are several reasons why consumers in Arkansas may find it necessary to choose bankruptcy to get out from under a crippling debt load. Reasons commonly cited for bankruptcy filings include credit card spending, unexpected medical expenses, losing a job and disability. Consumers who choose to get major debt relief by filing for bankruptcy are often industrious, hard-working individuals and married couples.

Drug crimes are serious and merit focused legal representation

Drug crimes are regarded as serious offenses in Arkansas. Individuals who are accused of possessing or manufacturing drugs, along with those accused of trafficking or dealing in them, may face severe consequences. Prohibited drugs include methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy and mushrooms. Other drug crimes that individuals may be accused of are those involving prescription drugs. Charges of obtaining such drugs without a prescription may also lead to severe penalties should a conviction actually result.

2 men arrested in Pope County on first-degree murder charges

Defending someone on a first-degree murder charge some five years after the crime occurred can be a massive undertaking for Arkansas criminal defense counsel. On Dec. 5 two men were arrested and charged with the Sept.8, 2009 murder of a 50-year-old Dover man. Authorities said that the investigation has been ongoing and that it was a joint effort of the Arkansas State Police, the Pope County Sheriff's Office and the prosecuting attorney's office in the Fifth Judicial District.

Bankruptcy offers debt discharge, but are those debts discharged?

Some Arkansas consumers who went through personal bankruptcy with good intentions to start over and avoid previous errors may have been disillusioned. State and federal officials recently reported that thousands of consumers who were promised the protection of bankruptcy and discharge of some debts remain to be persecuted by debt collectors. It was reported that many banks willfully fail to update credit reports after debts have been discharged.